It is another monotonous year at the college with the feeling of being promoted from a junior grad to a senior grad with considerable increment in ego. Being human, all have a bit of ego. But in special cases like mine, this ego is manifested by a sense of pride and supremacy. It seems good to be the king of jungle but more often it has its own repercussions. It is not the lion which is smart but rather in my view it is the jackal. Life is a process of learning and alterations need to be made in the way we react to a particular situation. It is essential to have a generic perspective as different people have ‘nn’ different perspective with n taking the value of any integer.
Individuals who are told about their ego and its associated problems never tend to reduce this egoism but in fact sub-consciously increase it exponentially. It is a phenomenon which can be reduced if and only if there is a dedicated effort by the individual supplemented with constant self-evaluation.
There reside two voices inside you with the decibel level ranging from 1 db to 90 db. These extremes can be described as the faces of a coin or may be the basic colors of a light spectrum such as black and white. More vaguely, black can be described as the ‘Satan’ and white as the ‘Moses’. Both have their own “10 commandments of life”. If you interact more closely with these voices, there is always a possibility of having to hear the voice of Satan more coherently with higher pitch. Whereas the voice of Moses is soft and gentle. Many times it so happens that you hear the voice of just the Satan. The voice of Moses to become more audible, sustained efforts is necessary with varied techniques to manipulate your self.
“Challenges and Obstacles are something which can be easily overcome when associated with a single word called Endurance”. Hence it is necessary to terminate the root cause which otherwise is as the cells of a tumor causing cancer. Even though if the tumor is removed from the body with proper dosage of chemotherapy, there is a high probability of these cells being transmitted to other parts of the body. The best part of these cells causing cancer is that they multiply rapidly and begin to eat up the body slowly but effectively.
In a few cases ego might have helped an individual to experience success. But in most of such cases it becomes necessary for the individual to portray as an egoistic individual. This may be because the associates, superiors or subordinates may have the same problem. This helps to quarantine the like forces thereby generating a resultant vector in the desired course.
The most commonly associated problem with people having ego is that they are stubborn to change. Acceptance level in such people is almost zero similar to that of psychiatric patients who have a strong resistance supplemented by the fear of failure. Hence in order to come out of this so called egoistic society, it becomes essential for an individual to have a perspective other than that conceived by the individual with a more concentric approach.
The life span of an individual can be broadly categorized into 3-phases;
• Phase 3 being the old age;
• Phase 2 being the adulthood;
• Phase 1 being the childhood between the days we are catapulted into this colorful bliss of life to the age of 12.
However there is another phase known as the teenage which happens to be the most critical phase of life and is usually between the age of 12 and 18. It is during this period wherein there are a lot of metamorphic and behavioral changes.
Phase 3 is the period wherein an adult shreds the entire ego away with very little time being left to live.
Phase 2 is the period where most of the intricate process flow of ego takes place. In this phase the individual identifies the term ego and analyses it. Some individuals are busy enough in their routine that it becomes a huge jig saw puzzle to solve and hence compromise to live with it. Others try to solve it more logically and maybe with sustained efforts are successful in overcoming the Satan. The rest like me, just waste their life trying to figure out a way out of it only unknowingly being strangled to salvation just like a python relishing upon its pray.
To begin with, phase 1 is the period when humans live the best part of their lives with only sporadic instances of ego being felt or being hurt. This is the period when most of us do not know what ego is and our cerebral capacity to think is restricted. As a tadpole unknowingly explores the new world without the fear of being eaten by its own species, a child is the most pure form of human race. A precious stone found in the abyss of the ocean; a child has the characteristic similar to that of the stone so very rare yet so pure.
It is hard to maintain the texture and shine of this stone once it is exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. As the depleting layer of ozone, soon the stone loses its characteristics and chemically gets transformed into a completely another element just to be added to the long list of periodic table of elements. This is the phase in between the age 12-18, during this period if the individual is nourished with good ethics, discipline and morals than the following phases will be a lot more fruitful with the self-worthiness index gaining a trajectory more linear in geometrical terms.
The eye of a child is like the corals found in the Great Barrier Reef; spectacular cannot express its beauty. Look into those eyes and you will know nothing except for the innocence filled with droplets of joy. Back then, when I was still a kid; I dreamt of growing into a man and facing this world with vigor. Now having been grown up I understand the pathetic state of manhood. The confusion, frustration, responsibilities clubbed together forms the perfect recipe for a life less miserable. Yet this is just the beginning; the start of an era which will be cherished with the sweet childhood memories. This is the beginning of a catastrophic end.
There have been situations in life when I feel extremely guilty for not having achieved anything, for this path of life was destined to be travelled by me and my ideologies. The first thought which shines brightly during such time is that I would just be free falling from the ‘Millau Bridge’ like a vulture which is famished. Forget all the worries, responsibilities and the imposter within yourself and dive into a world which is silent in more ways than one. The silence of the surrounding as that of a sound wave left into vacuum will make you refresh the days where life was just all about fun and enjoyment with no hard feelings of having to loose or gain anything.
Freeze the world around you for sometime and imagine the good old moments spent with family and friends, déjà Vu is bound to be experienced with fresh incense of mud bringing in the respite from the busy self-centered life. We may not be immortals but the memories which we ride with are the ones which last for an eternity. Heaven on earth might have been heard about by a lot of us, searched by many a people but only a few know that it is the inner self which holds the key to the hidden treasures of human kind.
Laconically speaking about life and death, our focus is more on the hits and misses that have occurred during this entire process. If the quantum of hits is more, than the individual has higher degree of satisfaction with chances of climbing the Maslow’s need hierarchy triangle more quickly and contrary to this effect the individual is inclined towards leading a life filled with more of desperation and anxiety. If analyzed more closely, the process of birth, salvation and rebirth, they are just but a cycle bound to be experienced by each one of us. Only difference being in the category into which we are placed into.
On a scale of 1 to 5, an average human being revolves in this vicious cycle 4.999 times out of 5, with the scale of 1 to 5 indicating the frequency of getting entangled in the life cycle. 5 being cent percent indulgement of human race in this cycle. Only a few individuals have got the zeal to think out of the box and leave behind something to think about for the coming generations.
People may not gain anything with their ego but it is a matter of truth that they are sure to loose a lot of things, which otherwise would have been beneficial in the molding of the individual’s character. Get beyond the barriers set by your mind and expand your horizon far ahead as that of a distance expressed in scientific terms as light years. Come out of the shell within which we all are hiding and be yourself without any fear, frenzy or frustration. No individual is superior and all we species fall under one roof without any categorization of caste, race or nationality. Experience the tears of joy, happiness and satisfaction and not that of hatred, revenge, anger and desperation.
Having expressed my thoughts about the self-centered attitude we all have in bits of fractions as that of the miniscule atoms present in each cell of our body; it is very difficult to completely eradicate this menace but certainly with collective effort the magnitude of the situation can be drastically reduced thereby improving the general condition of the society.
I am Mayank and I am currently pursuing final year graduation in mechanical engineering. At this juncture I am just an above average performing student. This transcript describes my perspective about individualism and the various aspects that I have encountered during this entire phase as an engineering grad. The views and opinions expressed herein may vary with individuals and this is just a self expressed transcript. However, this is the point that I have tried to highlight in this entire transcript. It is not difficult to weep upon sorrows experienced by your self; however it is the skill with which you can put your self into other person’s shoe and experience a world which is completely different to that of yours. A world which may be happier or dreadful than what you are.

It is the learning which we borrow with this assessment, look at the world with the eye of not yours but that of the various people who surround you and make up your small atom of happiness. It is the nucleus of the atom which holds the positive charge and this is where the Moses stays. Just like a atom of uranium 235 which when bombarded by an neutron releases high dozes of energy with the liberation of the nuclei, impound the nuclei present in you with the neutron of non-egoism and liberate the Moses in the society.