It is a damn numb afternoon

A dumb workshop in the beckoning

My friend shiva is on a roll

Leaders transformed to legends, entrepreneurs estranged by media

Techies turning tandrom over desktops;

Presentation for the audience or audiences’s presentation?

Over half a century of freedom

Both society and its occupants breaking free from the schackles!

Economies of boom or a catastrophic bane;

Amicable settlements an era of the past?

Weapons of mass destruction, a era of the present!

A generation of homosexuals under laws of mutation;

Metaphase, anaphase a matter of history

New age mysteries of decoding DNA’s and IVF’s

Robots at the push of a button, leisure or luxury?

Spies camouflage  as UFO’s and UFO’s as extra-terrestrials!

Nano technology from the niche countries,

Nuclear fusion in the alpland, defying basic laws of physics

Selfless people turned samaritans, selfish people turned sexists!

Facebook among every 14 people in this world, innovation delivered by creativity

crazy people on the crazy train waiting to be delivered to a place less travelled and explored!

Riders on the storm, its the highway to hell!!