Dear readers,

In lieu with the commencement of placement season, it brings me immense pleasure to put forth a few pointers to the run up to interviews.

I will be discussing related points to written examination, GD and PI, resume shortlisting is purely based on the company’s requirement matched with equal qualification of yours. Hence there is nothing much which can be suggested in this regard.

Note: Never be dis-heartened if resume is not shortlisted, this is the key to your success story. Patience at the end of day pays better then what eagerness doesn’t. There is always a better chance which you partially recognize.

Written Test

It is conducted to eliminate numbers in simple terms. At the same time, performance in written examination gives the selection panel an in sight into the candidate’s ability of decision making (general aptitude) and technical know-how to a extent.

  • Most of the written examinations now-a-days have multiple choice questions with emphasis not on knowledge bank but rather upon your speed to crack the examination.
  • All said and done, do not be tensed during the examination. Even if you are doubtful of a answer, skip to the next question which you are confident off. Always finish the questions to which the answers are a bull’s eye. There is time at the end of day to return to those left unattended.
  • Questions which are not sure, should be attempted smartly. In multiple choice questions, couple of options are always such that they are incorrect by visual inspection itself. Eliminate such options to be left with fewer options to smartly guess with.
  • Few tests demand GK with soundness of current affairs also.

Note: If the written test does not have negatives, make sure you dedicate yourself to attempt all the questions.

Group Discussion

This a age old system to eliminate undesired applicants. Selection panel sometimes tend to evaluate a GD upon the basis of relevance of discussion content with the topic provided. Few GD’s have topics related to the industry with evaluation criteria based upon parameters;

  1. Involvement
  2. Communication
  3. Team play
  4. leadership
  5. Knowledge
  6. Attitude

Do’s and Do-not’s in GD

  • Always address your fellow teammate with the badge provided (either Number or Name).
  • Have a attentive posture and never point to anyone among the group, you can always be more professional.
  • Given a opportunity to initiate the proceeding, hit the nail hard. Remember group members will be upon their toes to contradict your statement, speak out what is more acceptable rather then reasonable.
  • Give ample time for your fellow members to finish what he/she has to communicate. Never interrupt anyone while they are speaking.
  • If the topic is varying from it’s core issue, try to deviate the topic back on track supplemented with tough pointers.
  • If at all you are getting numb during the discussion and are unable to speak out. Do not worry, just contemplate upon what others are speaking. Add something to what is already in discussion.
  • Never think hard during a GD; be proactive. Deliver what crosses your mind during the entire discussion. Else you will be left high and dry trying to figure what the topic actually was even after the end of GD.
  • Use of good vocabulary is recommended for that extra points on the evaluation scorecard.
  • There are parameters upon which the selection panel evaluates as discussed above, hence don’t go in a sleep mode if you are unable to speak anything or if all your thoughts are already out in the discussion. Remember it adds to your score as a team player as well.
  • Never argue/fight with fellow members (common there is nothing personal).
  • The catch is that in no situation you are going to let the selection panel dominate upon your scorecard. Do speak out because that is what the panel is more interested to hear.
  • Also remember upon your first talk in the discussion and stand upon that view, never contradict your own statements. If you are speaking for a topic then remain so during the concluding part as well, do not in any circumstance change upon your opening statement.
  • Finally this is the best part. Grab the opportunity to conclude the topic with a note upon why your opening statement is better than other. There is special weight age for openers and closers of the GD.

Note: Appreciation of any better statements than yours will always fetch you points than being silent/arguable.


Having eliminated the undesired applicants, potential applicants stand chance to face the selection panel which in no means will be friendly. PI’s are more of a psychological game between the panel and the interviewee. More you sustain, better are your chances of getting through successfully. The base parameters under scanner in this process are;

  1. Attitude
  2. Problem solving ability
  3. Decision making ability
  4. Technical concepts
  5. Managerial concepts
  6. Sustainability in organization
  7. Your short term and long term goals
  8. Zeal
  9. Personal
  10. Extra curricular activities

Do’s and Do-not’s in PI

  • Have a straight posture with positive eye contact with all the members of panel.
  • Open the session with a bright smile and greeting, this will bring respite to the panel members.
  • By now every one is sure as to what the first query would be. Tell us about yourself? I hope all have pondered upon your career objective and the supplementing reply to this query. (Note: Try to be as much proactive you can)
  • Possible questions further can be regarding the engineering and management concepts, personal questions which you need not oblige to answer and negotiations.
  • Having said this, the important point to remember during the interview is that never loose eye contact and be honest at all times. Even if some concepts are not recallable, do not get tensed, let the panel know about the same so that at least they will ask some other question.
  • Finally after the interview is completed; ask the panel as to upon what aspects would it be better for you to improve. Work upon those aspects before attending next interview.

Note: If your scoring pattern among X, XII and graduation is irregular, be sure to be grilled upon your consistency. Just be modest and discuss as to how it has helped you today to be a better individual than yesterday.

Dear readers all the best for the placements and be confident to be recruited in the desired company.

Note: “Satisfaction is vicious, it is a hindrance to reach the summit”