Each of us have encountered situations in life where it is hard to decide between the right and wrong . From being stuck up over a marriage gown to the investment criteria. From being a employee to the employer. Deciding upon whether to buy a home or not. From flipping consumer products in supermarkets to getting  discounts at shopping malls.

In the circumstances we live,  it is difficult to arrive at a consensus. It thus gradually leads to a fickle mind. Due to the stereotype, I sense the same. With the plethora  of options, the human mind has become even more sensitive to change.

Shortly I’ll be away from home and away from all that I care the most.  The big leap has to be taken. With gloom in one hand and glory in the other, I join hands to move forward in life.

Experiencing the happiness of being with loved ones for almost quarter of a decade, it is hard to say aloha.

Some may say I am immature,  some attachment, some may call it emotional attyachar. However I call it LOVE. A love which I have treasured for all these years.

The big question persists, is it worth all the effort?

I certainly am a Optimist.

What do you feel?

The most I’ll  miss for a while is the finger licking joy of having to taste Mamma’s dishes….!!