Deep in the wilderness of the Sahyadri

Green is the color for VIBGYOR

Patches of dry leaves and flowing liquid

The sheer silence a retreat from civilization.

The warmth of cold breeze

Usher of the fragile water

A sweet voice of the angel unknown

Whispers of anguish and pain.

A foul play in the beckoning

The angel is frowning at the wrath

As uncontrolled is the felling

So are the rocks and mountains at stake.

I hope to be showered with blessings

For the angel speaks of favouratism

But there is a vendetta for profit

Ecology, money, need or just pure greed?

I enter deep into solitude

National treasure out of gene’s bottle

So serene is the environment

So sarcastic is the circumstance!

As mankind excels in technology

Innovation truly a retrospect

Creativity among renewable soures lacking

Wish the angel survives to convey the message.

A message when the angel was the ruler

We mankind the desciples of thee

Measures of pollution control just a trick

Procrastination of greed, need of hour!