The beauty of the new leaf with the onset of monsoon was taken in Bargarh District (Odisha) during one of my field visits.

I have tried to express the nature’s splendid characters which can be incorporated by human beings and become a better individual.

The very mindset needs a change and a lot needs to be gathered and learnt from nature.

Beginning of a lost battle

Strives hard to stay alive

As life begins to degenerate

Recuperation over all odds.

A new life in its veins

Tender and soft in character

Ambivalent to its surrounding

Refreshing in its beauty.

The old leaves have crumbled

It burns in the mal-nutrition

Yet there is a respite

For it replenishes life.

With every changing season

It grows into a mature being

Leaving behind its unwillingness

Truly a resplendent phenomena.