Do you have it in you to lead by example

palak pakad ke uutoo aur hawa pakad ke chalo

The times of India LEAD India Campaign

1. Leader is not always a person associated to nuisance politics.

2. Change is what we citizens make and not so called ‘lead-eerrr’

3. Certainly there ought to be a bunch of baboons in a country with 1.2 billion.

4. Respect your ideals and believe in a systematic reform in a plagued society.

5. Few people never try  to make it to the other side such as bureaucrats.

6. Youth drives the nation for they are the future of a historical uprise.

7. A word called cannot to be replaced by we will.

So how do we accomplish the objectives

Joining hands, uniting together towards a transparent individual rather than society

The ad sends the message it intends to and it generated a huge response. The ad rating is 9/10 and may be you can be a part of this whole campaign because support is what makes motivation..

How do we associate with current movement for Lokpal Bill?

1. It is not the government that drives the nation, it is we the citizens.

2. Support from all corners of society especially youth makes it revolutionary.

3. Its time when accountable persons are shown their true home-punishment.

4. Every one is tired of a patriarchal society, we are in 21 st century…

Stand up to the movement for India Awakening part 2 has just commenced!

Respect your identity, respect your nation