Your life is your life

Don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission

Be on the watch

There are ways out

There is light somewhere

It may not be much light

But it beats the darkness

Be on the watch

The gods will offer you chances

Know them, take them

You can’t beat death but

You can beat death in life sometimes

And the more often we learn to do it

The more light there will be…

Your life is your life, Know it when you have it

You are marvelous

The Gods wait to delight in you

The laughing heart-Charles Bukowski (1920-1994)

Soothing lines of hope and belief, the poem is a testament to the fact that we are capable of lot more than what we are. It is our life and we need to step out of the cliche.

Similar atrocity we all have been through, a void in the making. Lacking something today may not hamper our lives. Be there through turbulent times, do what you really believe in doing. There is light at the end of tunnel…

Fantastic poem and very aptly portrayed in the TVC of Levi’s Go Forth campaign. It is ads such as these that make the brand stand out from the rest, driving the youth to make believe in themselves.

A truly inspiring commercial…

Developed by Wieden+Kennedy

Sound “Anjos” composed by Juliana Barwick

Believe in yourself, make believe in self