Trust in those who trust in you

The air around is filled with positive vibrations. Everything seems so irrelevant in life, the unending ‘I need’ phenomena, the ego ‘I am’, the disturbing question ‘Why me’ and ‘How much longer’. I can list another hundred reasons of how unstable we Humans are psychologically. One moment we are full of energy and the next moment we are a gloomy set of nerds, cursing their fate for not having finished first in the rat race! Common now, why can’t people do the things they like to and enjoy to the core of it. It becomes all the more difficult and unreasonable to win when we are all chasing a dream just not meant for us. Can’t it just be the way it has to, atleast there is a satisfaction in doing the things you like.

In conversation with Baba I sit in front of him, listing out all possible outcomes of my life. Surprisingly I had jolted down nearly 10 points by the end of hour one! How not so focused my life was beginning to get! I mean 10 different points to know who I am? I sure have multiple personality syndrome! So eliminating each possibility according to preference and sustainability using a risk evaluation matrix, I was getting close to self actualization. But after a couple of hours of serious talk, I was beginning to feel the other side of me, vulnerable and in no man’s land. Three quarters of one quarter my life been already into the drain, I was becoming rather nervous.

Never felt so great!

You see people, the thing when you are still in your early twenties is susceptibility. No matter how hard we try, there is a loop hole called adolescence in us. Blessed are those really who have a cool maturity rate compared to age. The graph can be something like this..on a scale of 10 with the age in months of a new born! assuming the baby was born in January,

Whoops its pretty fast!

And for some like me, the graph can really be disturbing!

What are you speaking about ?

I am past the twenty mark and how do you expect things to churn out so fast, crazy people indeed!

No, its neither of them that matters more. What matters is how well we know our self? The bitter truth of reality is that we never find time for such questions. Having to find we brush it aside for the mere sake of an untruly life.

Get out there for there are a zillion possibilities you still are unaware of your self. Start believing in God, start believing in your self….

I will do what I enjoy doing..
That is the attitude dear!

Om Sai Ram