Being Childish is being Honest and Innocent

A candid TVC involving a very specific branding strategy by Flipkart, India’s leading online books and one of few e-commerce companies. Founded by two IITians from a 2 BHK home in Koramangala, Bengaluru. Today Flipkart has changed the course of e-commerce in India. In a short period of just 3 years, Flipkart lead by innovation and user friendly access and payment facilities makes it a preferred destination for books, gadgets etc.

A Capital investment of 5 lakh to start-up with, the business model is supported by strong fundamental customer driven market. Today it doesn’t require me to travel all the way from Sambalpur to Kolkata, Ranchi or Bhubaneshwar just to pick the book I need. A click, a coffee and a computer is all I need to purchase the book I need!

Good Supply chain management followed with Venture Capital Investments has made <a title=”Click to join the FB fan club… Flipkart a mere 20 employee company to over 1000 in the present scenario. The newest offer of replacement in case of defect is another feather in the cap for the marketing strategies being employed at Flipkart.

Don’t forget to notice the tattoo and piercing portrayed in the TVC, a strategy to capture the young internet accessing generation of IT  savvy India! The piercing reminds me of my College days 😦

Ad agency: Happy Creative Services, Bangalore

Production House: Foot Candles

Ringa, ringa roses; that’s a classic now 😉