Life can be a bit awry when it comes to making a living. Especially if you are a civil engineer then things can be exponentially more torrid.

We build it 😉

A completion of project naturally means moving to the next project. Infratsructure deficit in today’s second world countries is making the construction industry lucrative, with projects spanning across the length, breadth, height and depth of the topography; we are essentially in no man’s land.

Some time it makes us sick with very unpleasant and hostile environments. Seems like every other person is a foe and a ruthless man-eater. Thinking of life in a more encouraging and ambivalent atmosphere such as home, we get loose to forget the illusions.

So how do we exactly get loose?

choose to booze!

So the journey began a few months before with a vision to build the nation. I know it is a bit exxagerating, build the nation? self centered maniacs! trying to fill up the barren closets with a adverse phenomena called money.

A train to a metro city and a flight from there to another tier 2 city, a bus ride to the destination and countless quarells with the cab driver. Man transportation needs a serious upgradtion. In all a tiring 1350 miles to reach what can be considered as the start of building the nation!