The advertising strategy behind Air France’s “One of the best places on earth” has been much to do with the longing of mankind. The things that we humans do dream of, the serenity of spending quality time in places as such. The happiness associated therein to be in the best place you could ever dream to be in this world. The campaign specifically targets the comfort a passenger receives, feels like heaven. When we first saw the latest commercial, certainly jaw dropping; the reliability factor has been portrayed.

First have a good look at the commercial again, in case you have missed out on some micro details…

Observe the couple have locked their lips while they move around on the mirror platform so effortlessly. The brand promise “Making the sky the best place on earth” delivers to the choreography by Mozart’s Adagio from Piano Concerto No. 23, interpreted by “Les Siècles” symphony orchestra, accompanied by pianist Vanessa Wagner and directed by conductor François-Xavier Roth. The film’s photography is by Stéphane Fontaine, winner of two Césars (French film awards) for Jacques Audiard’s films“De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté” and “Un prophète.

The filming of this commercial took place in Moroccan desert near Ouarzazate, in a single sequence, without special effects, on a 4,300 square-foot mirror, in which only sky and dancers are reflected. The dancers portrayed are Benjamin Millepied and dancing partner Virginie Caussin.

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