The clock strikes one after midnight

Cool breeze flutters down the isolated street

Whistles of the old pot bellied cop unheard

The dogs howl in anger by the unpleasant noise.

A stranger walks on his toe, unabashed

There is a buoyant yet secluded thought

Unwary of his intentions, the soldier marches

Every heartbeat a thunder in a terrific storm.

The clock strikes half hour past midnight

Silent whispers by a care starved woman

Demands of an abnormal meeting in the dark

A concern for the stranger and a worry for the woman.

The winter cold makes a merry of the running nose

A murky world of intangible love revolves in space

Deja Vu it is for the stranger who now is a hero

Sober to things around alive, a determined stroll.

In the shadows of the midnight moonlit sky

The stranger briskly walks eluding the guards

For the princess of his imagination awaits in distress

The clock strikes one after midnight.

A prisoner by choice they unite in pandemonium

Tears in solitude, a grim reminder of the cause

The line is drawn between the unsung protagonists

Cause attributed to the society; the clock strikes one!