The wind has changed its course

Adapting to the necessity of ambience

From being a cool stimulus omnipresent

It now wanders with the flow of current.

A era comprising of long lasting enthusiasm

The days being longer and so were the nights

Vibrant and gay thoughts of superstitious next

Glancing occasionally into the world of hypothesis.

No subconscious, no hour glass, no boundaries

All that mattered the most is now scattered

A horn, a whistle and a code is all it took

And now a mail, a call and a fall still insuffecient.

As a plague we gathered each day in no expectation

Music, masti and madness in all our conversations

The wind has changed its course though now

Materialistic, money and marriage is all that remains.

Now that the wind has changed its course

A desire remains in all hope, faith and prayers

The moments we enjoyed the most in humor

are the moments we cherish the most in happiness and sadness.