Another reluctant day at the office. Not to mention another Sunday. Geez, the Gods must really be crazy. I woke up to a lousy noise, the mobile rang for the second time. There is no respite I dreamt. A dream in a dream? I should restrict myself to watch only 8 movies a month. Certainly the unrestricted thinking that went into understanding the movie ‘Inception’ was taking a toll. It is unbelievable to comprehend the writer’s thought process. But in the midst of the whole fiasco I realized it was my cell phone.

She prepares to light the fire. Not a non-working day for her. She is accustomed to the nuisance in life. A pedagogy so unrelentlessly substituted from generations. Her children still asleep. She wakes early to clean and make sense to the term ‘life’.

The whistle is blown, the screen is drawn. A reverberation of the uncanny phenomenon called dream. Tears in heaven, wish you were here and finally turn the page; click, screech, shudder. I wake up to dream yet again. A dream unfinished. A dream unsketched. A dream abandoned. A dream so unreal. The walk of life has just begun and me not good at lessons learnt. Is it the world or just the routine, my imagination is a wanderer.

A view through the window. She stares at the road, people moving around like clowns lost in the mirage called ‘life’. She feeds her baby trying to captivate the moment of truth. She knows no worries, neither does she know happiness. Insensitive to the awkward and sublime reality of humanity. She resists her perception to stay within the boundaries. An abutment she craves and wishes to venture but in astonishment. The child in her hand is in dismay as she be. Wonders of the infinite hope and undefinite rejection.

The ‘Society’ is cursed and so are its inhabitants. An uncanny approach to what is termed common sense. A taboo she inhales every moment, suffocating herself to the walls of the unfortunate. Why, not a easy question to answer and so she embarks on the thruthless mission of life. A phenomenon encompassed by the biased attitude. The downtrodden in search of necessity and the well blessed in a maze game of treasure hunt. All she asked was a good meal in the noon and a sound sleep at night. In compromise to the basic laws of attraction!

The Rain God has showered his debt free gratitude. The clouds so few are careless and immovable. It is this pleasant undertaking by God that has brought a respite to the otherwise torrid and uncomfortable air around. The viper in its loyalty refuses to keep the windsheild wet and so do I to keep the glass of hope in life always filled. A optimist in the beckoning, patience unmatched, compromised faith and a subtle resilience. The environment is soothing and my nerves wish to rejoice in the sublime downpour. But as a caged animal without respite, I too am a sumbissive creature in the race against time.

As the baby feeds on her milk, she knows that the word ‘happiness’ is just a mirage. More you try and search to establish a connection the farther you become away. But atleast this sense of compromise in life that she exhibits so unpainfully is a mere testament to the power of womanhood. The most thoughtful and considerate mammal in the entire universe, she refuses to stay unexpectant and hopes of a better tommorow each day.