Have you ever been in a psychological state of indefinite dream? A dream encompassing your views relating to society, support and submission. Where, you yearn to be in the arms of the most wonderful yet desirous person in life. A lot of us do indeed have this common perception, called as ‘love’. This short and enchanting alibi shall describe the notion of self riteous quest to attain fulfilment in life. A satisfaction not bounded to the walls of society and the orthodox manifestations created therewith.

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The Practitioner

Elation surrounded an otherwise gloomy and monolithic classroom for the first time. The talk about the semester exam,assignment deadlines in order to achieve the desired internal test scores and not to forget the practicals; all seemed a mere illusion. The illusionist being none other but own self. The air certainly seemed to be filled with the essence of Jasmine with considerate thoughts of happiness filling the otherwise vaccum in life. Some suggest it is a disease, a few are of the opinion that it is immaturity and a lot like me are just afraid to admit the sequence of unfolding events.

Time has a new dimension to its attribute, known as management. Maintaining minimum attendance is a never ending process with innumerous occasions of misconduct already upon the cards. So how exactly does one encounter, surrender or bypass this specific unrelentless phenomenon more peculiarly known as Infatuation! A monk in the Himalaya can shove a good deal of enlightenment but I really don’t have the courage and the money to make it up to the Himalaya! The theory called ‘law of attraction’ is becoming a reality and the irony is that me enjoying every bit of it!

The Philosopher

Also known as the ‘Jours de Bonheur (Days of Happiness)’. A era marked by uncompromised virtue and selfless belief in others is what makes this period so pure and memorable. The free consulting classes clubbed to the cupid and miserable life of friends is a exultation of the uncanny achievable! The bottomline at the end of every session would be a word of caution stating love is a synonym of disaster. But as the great warrior Alexander, today’s youth is imbibed with the culture called ‘determination’. Even if this determination requires to skip important knowledge enhancement sessions in classroom and become morally degenerated with passage of time.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so that basically conveys the message that love can only be transferred from one individual to another. The philosopher always says what he preaches and the preacher in most cases is a vague disciple of his/her principles! The mission statement thus to the philosopher is and shall always remain to stick to the law of nature and let time to heal, cure and transplant the ever changing term ‘love’. A equation so ubiquitously true: time+energy=dropout+love↑

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