Being true to oneself!

Pain, anguish, sorrow, remorse, loneliness, vulnerable, tears and a sense of shattering soul is the beginning of the uncontrolled temper. Disbelief of the events unfolding in a world so technologically advanced and morally educated. I am talking about a nation which accounts to roughly one fifth of the world population. A population which knows its roots of existence, plight of survival, importance of faith in human values and more surprisingly their sincere worship in the God Almighty. Yet, the plague exists in all walks of life and society. Social discrimination, lack of communal harmony, atrocities in class, gender bias, frequency mismatch in educational rights, pompous show of power, inequality in supply of basic requirements and the unending plague continues to stand tall and defiant. ‘Nirbhaya’ – ‘Fearless’ is what we recognize her today. An identity, an character, an resolution, an human value, an leader, an hero, an example, an testimony, an resilience, an desire, an hope, an faith, an innocence, but for all human civilization ‘an girl’. What is the first thing we humans relate to a girl? Most of us will agree, it is our mother, mom, mummy, ma, darling, dear… and yet so blind folded the virtues of society have become in the form of stinking, sadistic and staunch schizophrenic social miscreants.

I start my journey to office this morning with a very disturbed thought process. I am contemplating my existence with the thick skin that I have managed to develop in these past few years. A phenomenon nurtured by turning a blind eye towards every incident that keeps happening all the time around us. Incidents which can shatter a soul and make a person highly disgusted and displaced from the mundane processes of life itself. Incidents which have happened once too often to be snubbed behind closed doors.  The ‘bureaucratic patriotism’ shown towards these herds of selfish and sadden politicians is simply proving to be a rogue now a days. In astonishment we are left to ask questions to the people who safeguard us. The same people who pledge to work by truth, honesty and sincerity. These very people have become maniacs, unfulfilled desire to amass wealth and bring prosperity to the political bandwagon and their ‘very important kin’. Do we not crave and desire to have security to ourselves and our kin? Is it just the people ‘politically challenged netas’ to have a better security, roaming about in plush air conditioned vehicles with ‘z’ security personnel encircling them in anticipation of a freak mob arrest? I wonder in dismay, the path in which we young children of India are heading towards. It is not just the fault of the ‘disgraced netas’ commenting speeches written up by the ‘patriotic bureaucrats’ in a time when the whole nation looks up to them to hear voices of conscience and action but indeed it is the lack of apathy on we the youth of nation as well. A mass education regarding the equality of gender still remains a far cry. Male fraternity needs to resolve issues within, which can derail the so called ‘societal system’ otherwise.

Perception needs to be moulded. The image should be changed. Being in a global competitive environment, it is really appalling to witness such foolish acts of horror. Woman journalists being eve-teased in front of rolling camera, top police officials giving ‘bull shit’ explanation towards the whole incident, cover up ‘camera representation’ by the political bandwagon, rapists sitting in comfortable chairs of the parliament, killers, assailants, corrupted, disgraced, filthy, bureaucratic loyal dogs of the government, opposition parties, left parties, loyalists, democrats, human rights activists, business men…. all of them representing a clan which belongs to third rate immoral cannibalistic society. It is a breed of civilization which remains undeterred by the consequences of today’s decision and the actions of yesterday. Protecting the rights of ‘we the people’ is a mere mockery of power to these sub-standard politicians, law enforcement agencies and fraudulent judicial system. In circumstances as these, what faith and expectation should we have in the leaders of the nation? Are these leaders even capable of delivering a stable, honest and unbiased atmosphere to live in? Accumulation of wealth and stacking them in Swiss banks has become a trend hard to un-follow by today’s leaders.

Instead to giving derogatory remarks on nationalized television, these people who are entrusted to serve the society should act in a more humane approach. Be it anyone, a crime is a crime. Enforce the laws which you have in place. Give guilty the right punishment, and the victim a hope to live life normally again. Two hundred odd policemen for every citizen in Singapore, undoubtedly it has everything to benchmark and be a model of utilization. Seven hundred odd policemen for every politician in India! A nation capital of 1.2 billion people does not have the facility to accommodate a multi-speciality hospital! It produces world’s most extra-ordinary talent in every stream of space, yet all of this talent relinquishes to be a part of a system outside the system called ‘India’.’ We’ the citizens of India are not demanding a good government; ‘We’ the citizens are demanding a ‘morally adept’ government. Hope things change in this ever evolving nation with prompt action towards those who ruined the life of an innocent human being.

May ‘Nirbhaya’s’ soul Rest In Peace.