We take birth, we arrive from heaven
Yes, heaven has become overcrowded
So the almighty wants to downsize
He sends us to the homes and families
Of whom, he expects us to take care
He wants us, the children of heaven
To spread his principles of livelihood.

I took birth, I do not belong to heaven
Now, I am in the hands of the Mother
She is my world, my almighty,  heaven
I learn from her, she teaches me to
Smile, spread happiness, enjoy life
As it comes, be honest to yourself
In trouble, just call me out aloud.
I am near you. Always. In your heart.

It is beautiful. The life is so beautiful
I fall down, I forget, I loose hope, I, I
She never says a thing, she holds me
Holds me tight,  says, it is just a thing
You are precious,  you are unique, you
Oh, what have I done to you,  mother
I was to be the messenger,  heaven
What have I done to myself, lost
Hold me tight, please, heaven awaits…