it was a dream world
the princess meets
the prince, riding
on the horse, handsome
all that she ever dreamt
in front of her, love
blossomed unconditional,
as she knew, he was
not just her love, life
who would strive, fight
to make her smile
every moment of her life,
who would conquer, many
battles, in the war called life.


the happiness was short
the prince, only in fairytale
would never make it so far,
confined to the boundaries
of earthly deeds, society
family, he lived in a world
more an illusion, then reality
priorities changing, waves
lost, surrendered to the
monopoly of the rule, 
a King’s son, a queen’s son
he tried no resistance
for he was blinded,
not by love but by the Kingdom.


the princess never lost hope
she believed in the supreme
power of love, love, love
she shared her feelings
her wish, desire, helplessness
to be taken away, into the
world she always imagined
to be cared, understood
listened, talked and felt.
in dismay, pain and tears
she was left to die, in a world
she never expected, why?

and that is how I lost her!!