I am in the home, I am aged two

Tall figures moving around outside.


I am in the school, I am aged three

Mom is sitting outside the classroom.


I am in the car, I am aged seven

People sad, crying in front of our home.


I am in the church, I am aged ten

I don’t want to go outside into the street.


I am in the senior school, I am aged fourteen

Classmates making faces from inside the classroom.


I am in the pre-university college, I am aged sixteen

I just want to run away from mathematics.


I am in the bar, I am aged seventeen

I hide myself from the crowd, elders.


I am in the university college, I am aged eighteen

Too bored to attend lecture, I escape the torture.


I am in the college hostel, I am aged nineteen

Scared, I hope the smell of weed won’t linger.


I am in the restaurant, I am aged twenty

It is raining heavily outside, I am crying.


I am in the police station, I am aged twenty one

I am waiting for the sun’s rays to find their way inside.


I am in the office, I am aged twenty two

I want to go back to college, friends.


I am in the aeroplane, I am aged twenty four

Breathtaking, I want to fly with the birds.


The Window!

I am looking at you, I am now aged twenty seven

Flashbacks of the fool it seems till now

I wish to see in you, beautiful things, just before I close my eye.