The last time I looked at the clock, it was a minute ago.

I am not transfixed yet. I am transfixed when I don’t have the capability to decide whether to blink or to stare. Presently I am still in between that state. Stalemate. I cannot be transfixed now. No I can’t be. I have responsibilities. I have a mountain to climb. Along this beautiful climb, I intend to make a home in the wilderness, own a garden which bears fruits of love, purchase enough perishable items to last a lifetime. Yes, I do have responsibilities. Like the rest of you, there are dreams to be conquered, challenges of earning a living to be overcome. The climb can be monotonous, so I naturally have to choose a suitable companion who can share a thought of wisdom along the long and treacherous climb. Like I said, I do have responsibilities. With a companion, I am sure to strive harder. Hard enough that my companion has sufficient supply of nutrition, satisfactory level of want fulfilled. That is a responsibility too.

These momentary lapses of the conscious mind is but inevitable. So many thoughts flying past this small space of organic evolutionary creation. The intangible epicenter which has the capability to think and take decisions proactively. The storm has just begun. The thoughts galore in a violent intervention with each other. I nonchalantly shift tab between the naked spreadsheets in front. Seemingly, shift button is the one crying in pain, I have been snubbing it lifelessly with my left thumb. I am equally heartless, the tab button is bearing the brunt of the concoction of my thoughts. It is been subjected to slavery. I am hardly transfixed yet, I do not feel the pain that the tab button is being subjected to. No, I am not transfixed yet! All those spreadsheets in front, they serve a simple purpose in an individual’s life. It is the savior of mankind. It has rewarded so many individuals with limitless power to buy their desires. I am not an exception. I confess. But today, I am dependent on another tool. One which analyses data pooled from the spreadsheets. Outlook pops up a small window of message at the bottom right corner of my extended monitor. Message from the Boss.

I am least bothered to take notice of the suffocating shift button, do you think I have any zeal left in me?

As I mentioned, I have responsibilities, more over I am not transfixed. The complex system of the evolutionary creation has enabled me to multitask. Data mining a spreadsheet, trekking kilimanjaro, setting up a start-up, taking bath in the Triveni sangam, closing my eyes to sleep in the home I have grown up since childhood. Such a peaceful co-existence. It is the most dangerously handsome creation of the Creator. Instead of reading the message. I unlock the mobile. 6669, pattern drawn. Notification section is overflowing with communications. News, FB, WA, Tw. Where do I start? Shift button yelled at once. Wherever you start, make sure you read all of them! 786 WA messages, not happening today. I cannot waste the most precious invention ever made by mankind. Every second wasted will delay my voyage to reach the top of the climb. My destination. I am no different in comparison to you. I have responsibilities.

On top of the mountain, I have been informed that there is a beautiful lake. It has the most beautiful flowers that mankind has ever seen or recorded on film. It has silk woven in the form of green leaves. Bright blue sun rays and radiant gold clouds. On top of that mountain, people need not buy peace. Peace is available aplenty. In fact, I am informed that peace has a chemical composition in the atmosphere. Spectacular. Time is precious. It ticks ahead and my life has elapsed a second ahead. I look at my watch again, I am confused. I look at the digital clock in the Computer. I am left to stare at it.

If time is so precious and the climb so much so directly proportional to saving time. Why didn’t mankind simply have banks to save time in fixed deposits? I mean, isn’t it ridiculous? From the time I had the capability to evaluate between good and bad in life, I have been time and again been reminded about the importance of time. Don’t waste time, time once lost can never be regained. Time is money. Time and tide wait for none. And then, a great person said “creativity is the residue of time wasted”. It is starting to make sense. I might be staring at the digital clock longer than I could have imagined.

What is the point? Creativity, time, the climb? Does this help me in reaching to the summit? After all, I am just an intelligent machine programmed not to ask questions.

The outlook message had the subject “Management Report @ 19:30 hrs – Are you ready?”

Peace. For it is a very powerful motivation mankind can ever stretch to reach for.