When I percieve something about life, I feel proud of my existence. Most of the instances.


There are circumstances where I loose my sanity. I encounter a thought, whose depth marginally exceeds the infinitesimal biological cell in my heart. It is a virus, which spreads at a rampant pace. The single thought equates to a body full of dangerous radioactive substance.

The bitter taste of green tea I consumed in morning still lingers in my saliva. It is now 16:44 hrs. This is not normal.

What is it that makes a human such an Royal entity in the scheme of all living organisms? Ability to think?

Or may be not.

We are gifted. To evaluate. Good. Bad. Ugly. So what happens when we start evaluating everything? I mean, evaluation is nothing but analysing. Analysis is the sorting of anything based on available data input.

Please correct me in the comments section, as this is a unidirectional approach (as I communicate).

In this situation, who provides us with the data? Is it self conscience or super conscience? In either case, we are subjected to external influences. Air we breathe, water we drink, food we consume, colors which make our lives bright and ultimately the particulate matter that travel thorugh air. Sound.

Life is a collection of bizzare accidents. Birth to Death.

If it is an accident, then why are we pressurized to deliver? A day when others expectations become one’s dream. Reality,.

I am not trying to conjugate thought with dream. These are different entities. A psychologist can better interpret a dream. They dream too. They have thoughts too. That is how God chose to make us.

A manufacturing defect? Indeed!

God didn’t find Six sigma amusing. Not a big deal.

Absurd enough, we are living someone’s thought,. no matter how strong a person’s determination; he/she is leading a life of cards. It is deceptive.

We are not inventors. Real inventions are happiness, money, self esteem. Hats off to the people who invented these words, mostly intangible but highly motivating. You can hardly get enough of them. Higher we stash, wider our area of focus becomes.

By this time, if anyone is still reading. You should have understood that I am pretty low on the scale of motivation.

Once in a while, it is good to peel off ourselves of the false achievements. We are a bunch of organisms who will never find comfort in pain. To understand my existence, I may wait for some more time. Just a little more.

But then (full stop)

As a child, I had this amazing life. Carefree.


Just be with me.