it is another year for this gifted life. A grim reminder of the days that was not supposed to be me, however this wounded soul made it past to the shore. The storm was intense and the barge i was sailing upon had disintegrated. The prevailing circumstances then, can be atrributed to adoloscence.

The most striking feature of a second life is that it is far more better with almost everything falling in place,
owing to the fact the expectancy potential is considerably in its lows. Another thing
which constantly pushed me forward is the zeal, nightmares flashing in and out for not having acheived anything new each day. But at times a thought silently reverbates tracing my past, i mourn in the silence for i know those days are just invaluable. Evrythin’s amiss. I guess this is how life is meant to be, coming to the conclusion, life is a matter of fact revolving in concentric circles and i am far from reaching its centre. Do not let on your dreams and keep chasing it until you capture it.