Traces of monarchy looms thick

Arrogance and atrocity improvised

Contemplating minds over the boardroom

God, give these people a sense of humanity.

Organised crime scene it all seems

Systematic breakdown of the mindset

Human interface has a new dimension

I am so hopeless wanting a change.

Pretending to be a sensible maniac

Un-detered by the consequences of present

God, give these people a touch of humanity

For, morality has become a treasure as virginity.

A world full of hooligans and psychos

Wish there never was a system in place

Endurance is what I put my money on

A world popularly understood as the CORPORATE

God, give these people the care of humanity.

Changing the rules of the game

Back to the stone age I imagine

Fearless for the humps ahead

God, provide me the assurance of ‘HUMANITY’.