Capture your imagination, capture your emotions

The ad starts like this… chai ke liye jayse toast hota hai .. vayse har ekk friend zaroori hota hai

And it goes on describing in all possible situations when a friend in need is a friend in deed,,…\m/

A fantastic campaign by Airtel yet again hitting the bull’s eye-YOUTH… the creative team behind this campaign has done their home work and spotted the microscopic details regarding friendship. Kudoos again towards a awesome campaign and my rating is a 8.5/9 for this commercial.

Another interesting catch is the tag for Vegas competition, amazing gifts and a grand prize for the famous two. click here for game on

Got to mention the closing scene, imbibes a feeling of the days in college with the masti in classroom..

Marketing now a days has become a complex phenomenon and I bet the big brands are making the most of it…

dil jo chahe pas laye-Airtel