For he who believes in me is never let down – Sai Ram

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The Beginning

Life is a roller-coaster and there bound to be highs and lows in each and every one of us. It ain’t no exception to me and I lead a life accepting things as they were. Being a ardent devotee of Sai Baba, each year it is a tradition to take darshan of Baba during Shiv ratri. We (family) traveled to Shirdi in train or bus as per convenience.

The Plot

The year is 2004, I am a notorious fresh man in Graduation and my sister notoriously guarding me in the same Institute! Mom is working in the Infrastructure improvement sector, National Highways. Quarter a dozen months ago mom has purchased the Maruti 8– with all the savings she has. Naturally for the comfort of us…

The fun part of life is you never know what is going to happen the second after

Ideas for change #1 – No one knows to drive a car at Home!

Ideas for change #2 – I started learning to drive in the new car!

Ideas for change #3 – I am simultaneously a coach to mom!

Ideas for change #4 – Road trip to Shirdi!

Ideas for change #4

It is the season before Shivratri and our great minds assemble for chalking out a plan to visit Shirdi. Mom is the bravest person I can ever come across and so is the plan. With a confidence percentage while taking reverse being around one half of 1 sigma (68.28/2)%, the mission is approved by the board!

Ideas for change #3

I am still a amateur beginner in the field of driving and not 18 yet! Have a two wheeler learner’s license which has expired! Things can really escape one’s memory when in Graduation, especially the one’s which need attention!Ideas for change #2

Alright Shirdi is around roughly 0.8K kms from home which makes it 1.6K kms on a round trip scenario. Did I mention about the plan? I mentioned about its approval I reckon. We intend to visit Nashik, its surrounding places of interest and relatives and some places in Pune, some in Kolhapur, some in Belgaum and so on…. My estimate of the total round trip may settle around the 2.23K kms mark. Does anyone have a GPS! Click here for wiki details of the theory!

We are the laggards!

Ideas for change #1

Is there a relation between self confidence and confidence on others?The road to salvation is a long journey in our lives and one can expect to learn more as time goes by. Without any formal lessons to drive and without any contingency plan, the road trip begins on a early summer morning. Have I mentioned that I have never driven a vehicle in dark until now!

The culmination

Miracles happen all the time, its just how we notice it

My happiness knew no boundaries, as I lay back at home that night, I still am in amusement. For I was the one behind the wheels entire journey and somewhere in mind a haunting took place. How can I forget, even the most professional rider couldn’t have made a scratch free trip as did WE. The blessings of Baba took us to his feet and the same blessings taught us that life is all not about winning, loosing, decision making and blah blah,,, get out and feel the faith in him.Feel the difference and be the change you deserve to be!

One who thinks about me, thinks of humanity – Sai Baba