Indiblogger It’s Time to Tab! Contest

What is the whole idea behind cutting edge Innovation and technology?

bring it on man \m/

Technology is the sole supplement of motivation to we the YOUTHISTAN. In a supersonic world it becomes essential to stay a step ahead with your counterparts or may be along them. I still remember a decade ago internet making its presence being felt. Sky scoring tariffs and loads of chat was all I can imagine then. Internet was just a medium of communication between the distant apart! Its this technology that revolutionized the world, thanks to “TimBL (Tim Berners Lee)”!

Does mobile technology sound familiar?

The dear departed! wait a second, I have a cell phone!

Laconically speaking of mobile phone and the technology derivative associated, who would have thought speaking to a friend in Miami from Mumbai was just a few tabs away! Certainly I didn’t when I was 16! So now that I am in some freaking remote location which can not even be viewed in Google Maps, doesn’t intimidate me much because ‘karlo mutti mein’…

The advent of web platforms on mobile technology

Rewind back to a couple of years and you will find a plethora of phones what is now known as ‘smart phone’ were being marketed at prices only acceptable by the shaikh of Arab! Smart phones are even today are the prized asset of a elite few, if you call 40% of Mobile using community in India as elite!

I wish, I wish, I wish….

What does all this have to convey if I am not using a Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Having witnessed a sea of change from a not so familiar Internet a decade ago to the all wanting and crazy technology enhancement freak-head in me. Galaxy Tab as launched by Samsung is the next generation revolution. With a tab and a credit card under your sleeve, bet me if you are away from what you love the most….

wait I’ll use my Galaxy tab to search it!


Another day in paradise!

It doesn’t take longer to stay updated with all the happening around you, to make a quick power point presentation, to have a ticket booked instantaneously, to have your Indirank checked while you are on the go in some local train, to have your files imported through cloud computing and the list never ended as I woke up a couple of days later! The power to stay close to your passion, the power of being a Samsung galaxy tab proud owner, man they turn me on!

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