Blog me down, it is my first anniversary!

From the very first steps of getting registered in word-press with this blog to the annoying moments of being a civil engineer 😥 , everything about blogging is new. There is something you got to learn yesterday and boom, it ain’t not over today.

Life is a process, keep learning ❤

Thick and thin through for a year now, learning valuable lessons from important tag words to widgets and java scripts. However this blog doesn’t support Java script, I am sure the next birthday will have a personalized blog being hosted at Just waiting to gain more knowledge and off-course the money to host my own domain name!

Asking questions doesn’t help, find the solutions.. 😉

Never imagined I’ll make it through so far, remembering the famous words said by Bill gates to Steve Jobs in a talk show.

Bill Gates – ” Steve your ship has a hole in it and I can show you the direction to the shore”

Quoted during the not so famous days of Apple corporation.

So hopefully same is the case with this blog, I am a optimist.

Let the flame burn :*

Thank you all for the support in not losing hope of a better post each day. Be there for the grand success of its second anniversary, lots of love, Serendipity team o:)

Stay focused for the roads are not straight all the time