A lonely walk down a water logged street, heavy downpour keeping the civilization away, certainly not a flimsy description. Its around that time when most of the shops calling it a day and I am here stuck in the middle of nowhere.

rain rain go away, come again another day!!

And it rained....

A new laptop in the offering, I am amused as much as excited about the first investments of my professional life. I had to get the gadget, I live in no man’s land, umm or lemme rephrase it; I live in no life’s land… everything around can be called dumb and there ain’t no facility of a TV, radio or for that purpose a daily newspaper around the place we live! With the advent of Information technology and Internet, it despises me of the limitless possibilities associated.

I decide it was getting late and I needed do a hitch hike to reach back home. The accomodation been provided to us is somewhat outside or you can say wtf! kinda geographic location. No amenities, no transportation after 19:00 hrs and God what not. Oh, probably wondering what on earth kinda job I am into>

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'F' is for freeze and 'F' is also to F***
leaning, leaning and the contract is over dear client !! Care for a maintainance contract?
OOps was it you>?
what the heck!

If you Still wondering who it is, here’s a hint!

Oh civil engineer, you build rite??

Ofcourse we build, now does that matter….

So having reached the last point of transport service, hope taking over my conscience for a quick ride down the road.

And then..

It is quarter to 21:00 and a good half hour into the search for ride. I said to myself

Most pathetic word ever!

And with the fear of extremists who lived close  by in the vicinity, I started what seemed be the most longest walk of life. Thoughts of loved ones back home, the mortgage loan, past, future and I was screwed in mind…. Well I need to say I was in fear, on the contrary I kept saying….

we got a winner

As I approach the desolated railway over-bridge just outside the city limits, vehicles more of freight carriers whizzing past as maniacs on a leash. A couple of shared autos move by but none care to stop-by  even when half vacant. I was really getting tensed and I could sense the shiver in  my body. The cold air blowing, drenched in water my mouth quivers for help. If it was not because of God, I wouldn’t  have been quite eligible to write this today. Chanting on Sai Baba’s mantra—->

Ananta Koti Brahmanda Nayaka, Rajadiraj Yogiraj, Parabrahma Shri Sathchidanada Sadguru Sainath Maharaja ki Jai

All the way upto a moment when finally a auto decided to push the brakes, reluctantly the driver agreed to drop me another half a mile or so, the conversation we had is as below; I call the driver the messenger of GOD,

Messenger: What are you doing on a lonely road alone at this hour?

Me: I couldn’t find anyone who would give a drop down the corner even when I am willing to pay double.

Messenger: Are you new in the city?

Me: Unknowingly, yes; I mean it has been a couple of months though.

For the record, there was one another person in the auto making it a total of three persons, the third person whom I will call the messenger’s friend is elder to the 55 odd age of the messenger. The messenger’s friend is sitting beside and certainly has a shabby outfit and a weird beard to top it. Puffing on the biddi, the friend cautions me. Young Boy (Me), it is not advisable to be alone in this part of the city, you can always take alternate route which passes by inhabitants. I can still remember, the friend didn’t have the top two incisors and the remaining were a bunch of carbon filled, tobacco engulfed/colored teeth.

Messenger: The railway over-bridge is loot point, meaning to say; where people are robbed and harassed at gun point. Couple of days back there was the latest incident. The victim was first robbed, then was killed and finally laid to rest on the railway line just underneath!

Me: I was in a state of delusion, yet I had the faith upon the fellow passenger and the driver (call it instinct or brave-heart)

M’ Friend: There have been numerous cases around this place and you better be careful young boy, never venture alone into such insecure space where vultures are just waiting to eat on their prey.

Me: Thank you very much chacha it is really helpful and kind of you, thank you M’friend, thanks a ton for having saved me from a potential deathbed.I gave 10 bugs and said take care.


There still are good people around who care about humanity. I believe they are the messengers of GOD (SAI BABA) and I still amuse that the M’ Friend was actually Baba in his avatar.


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