From Deepak Chopra’s Buddha- A story of Enlightenment

Chapter 13

There is one thing Mara (Demon) can never let you find out: the truth about who you really are.

The truth about who you really are!

The days are numb and nights a menace. Unable to find a reason to rest peacefully like a hungry alligator, the human mind is at the ultimate battle. A battle of the good against the bad, black against white, truth and lie, right and wrong,.. Reasoning almost every minute of the day, multitask is what we as humans are left to cope with.Sheer confusion and lack of clarity by the day ending. Thoughts of a fragile life and an increased brittle thought cycle.

Gautama (Siddhartha) is in remorse for having to leave Kapilavastu (Suddhodana’s kingdom) of which he is the crowned Prince. Ascetic life beholds a greater control of mind over body. Gautama is enraged and simultaneously astonished to be a monk. Wondering through forests and scattered human race, Gautama is the chosen one. Chosen to spread the word of spirituality, God. Ganaka was the first monk encountered in the deep jungles by Gautama.

will Mara the DEMON conquer over the GOD….

the saga continues…..