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Buddha attains sainthood in the jungles far away from homeland (Sakya). Ganaka, Buddha’s first teacher (guru) leaves him and Buddha wonders along in search of enlightenment along with few other monks en-route such as Alara and Udaka. But as Buddha’s search intensifies very few monks make it through to the final destination.

A demon as Mara dwells in each individual. Constantly manipulating and molding the human behavior. The greatest weapon used will be mind game and there is a sense of volatility in one’s belief. It always distinguishes between the good and bad. What makes a person happy (desire, want, lust etc) and reasons the hypothesis that God indeed exists. As a ship without navigation, the human mind moves around in desolated unhappiness. No matter what a achievement be, it craves for something more. The dark voice keeps saying things which are a hindrance to our psychological harmony. It makes us dream incompetently. Such is the fate of the ones who listen to this dreaded voice.

But Buddha never preached, he always maitained the fact that there is nothing such as God and Devil. God resides everywhere and so does devil. The ultimate path to salvation or enlightenment would be to endeavor all kinds of pain psychologically. Unless we supercede this journey from just physical pain to mental pain, the chances of attaining nirvana are low.

The human soul inhibits gods from heaven

The saga continues as Buddhaa reaches the pinacle of enlightenment…

He returns to the kingdom and describes nothing to Yashodahara…  The road to salvation is less travelled …