A bruise seemed to heal

But she returned for vengeance

A deep wound is all I gape for

The bruise shall never heal for eternity.

Deceptive was she in attitude

And so is the bruise now

As I lay a soft touch onto thy heart

Precious abstracts tremble down in pain.

Remorse is all she is associated with

Brittle memories of the unrecognized faith

For a lovely life forgotten by lacklustre hope

As she argued in harmony the monotony of time.

Her soul danced in pomp and glory

Innocence overpowered by surreal expectations

Sprouting thoughts of mischief and rage and infidelity

The evil within her worked in unison to the mind and the soul.

Joy and fun she associated with human feelings

She surrenders to the supreme being of I, Me and Mine

A day of purity and a thousand others of insanity

Prayers of wise wisdom is all is left of her.