Last night while going to bed I realized it is a Leap year and the thought of blogging something out of the box crept in. By the time I was asleep I couldn’t acertain any specific idea. But then, come dawn and a faint idea was taking shape. I wanted to plot the detailed statistic of the blog from the date of its inception. I was athough not sure as to the data I was really going to source in from WP stat counter. With the aid of spreadsheets, the project slowly yet steadily took its form.

Initially I migrated some data related to distribution of publishing post or blogging from WP stat centre to spreadsheet upon a MOM basis. A plot of no. of posts in each month showed that my frequency distribution was erratic and needs drastic measures to make the distribution normal or uniform.

Month on Month Posts frequency distribution Plot

Now that the frequency distribution was plotted, the next step was to determine the percentage of posts in specified categories. To begin with, the blog is categorized primarily into 5 themes;

1. Short stories (Anecdotes)

2. Poems (Insane)

3. Photography (Amateur)

4. Advertising (Mad Ads) &

5. Uncategorized (Generic)

A must for any SEO analysis

Alright. Sounds interesting. Facets of my blog I really didn’t care up until now! Pretty cool I imagine and venture a bit further into my world of Research!!

So having figured out the no. of posts each month and their categorization made sense. The next task was to establish a relation between the no. of posts published and the hits received in each month. The most important function underlying in this analysis was to evaluate the possibility of getting high hit rate having to publish more posts. Offcourse with relevant posts pertaining to established categories in your blog, there is always the certainty of getting high hit rate. Believe me I didn’t expect the variation to be so uncertain. Bottom line: Content Quality negates the possibility of low hit rate over low publishing frequency.

Just when I realised that the self confessed analysis was beginning to get on my nerve, One last thing was yet to be determined.

The no. of hits achieved in each category. Not that I was satisfied about the area of improvement, certainly one thing still seperated the implementation of Lesson’s learnt into future blogathon.

Critical area of focus and undoubtedly the feather in the hat. The piece of diamond which certainly sells upon your blog, making me remind the famous qoute ‘Know what you sell and sell what you know’. But do remember, blogs are just another medium of expressing an individual’s mind, heart and soul. The results of the analysis is somewhat as below;

Hope this leap year makes remember the stat file I’ve created and help along in increasing the traffic per se.

Happy Blogging!!


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog are solely a hypothesis and do not relate /guarantee to any sort of conclusion.