1. Frequent Brainstorming to encourage participation (Cross functional and functional)

2. No yes sir, no no sir conformance between functional associates (Be your self attitude)

3. Quarterly performance evaluation/reward get-together meet (All staff)

4. Adaptation of cultural activities as means of management practices (Managerial capabilities)

5. Relationship building across different levels of management (Transparency in communication)

6. Encourage innovative, sustainable ideas against predefined codes (Nurture latent talent)

7. Emphasis on productivity at work place rather than discipline (Qualitative utilization)

8. Freedom of speech, expression, thought  (Get out of the stereotype syndrome)

9. Research, development and technology enhancement (Adoption curve)

10. Training and development in key areas of interest (Asset creation)

11. Know your knowledge sales/BD team (Scale up)

Your company is not just yours!