We all know that at one point or another in our lives there is a moment of instantaneous belief that things could have been done in a innovative way. Things such as the printer which generates print from digital media to real time ink on paper. However this concept might be a bit too complex for the layman. But consider similar things which have evolved using this same concept of print into other creative ideas such as weird wacky prints on t-shirts, concept based photo-coping business models, the bus tickets we purchase to the handed receipt for drunken driving. These are just a few examples as to how an innovation leads to other multiple innovations.

Creativity is the coveted fame of a few. Creative people think differently. If you think you are different, think again!

A recent study negates these conceptions. And I have been really eager to write about this for some time now. To be precise this draft has been in my posts list from 22-03-2012.

How to be creative

Bring some Alcohol to the table!

A research at the University of Illinois at Chicago upon a group of students indicated that drunk students solved 30% more of a word puzzle than students without any consumption of alcohol. The study indicates that not paying attention to a particular thing is actually going to be beneficial rather than concentrating upon the problem. Do not try too hard, the solution to any problem lies in all simplicity just in front of you. All you have to do is relax and be not too concentrated about the whole stuff.

I love New York, beat it at the traffic lights!

Mr. Milton Glaser, creator of the famous I love New York logo never gave up on the idea to create a meaningful and everlasting master piece. The logo was supposedly been imagined and worked upon when at the intersection of a traffic signal!



Innovative thoughts appear to the unknown!

Rightly said, the possibility of encountering a real applicable idea through creative thought process increases substantialy being a complete stranger to the situation.

Your status as an outsider, and ability to ask naive questions, can be a tremendous advantage


How can people Connect the DOTS

The best inventors seek out “diverse experiences,” collecting lots of dots that they later link together. Instead of developing a narrow specialization, they study, say, calligraphy (as Mr. Jobs famously did) or hang out with friends in different fields. Because they don’t know where the answer will come from, they are willing to look for the answer everywhere.

On having a wide spectrum of thoughts and associations in life, a Research upon 766 Stanford Business School  students was conducted by Martin Reuf a sociologist. All of whom went on to be entrepreneurs revealed that diversed friendship scored three times higher on a scale of innovation. They had the ability to expand the social circle and convert them into profitable concepts.


It is the ability to attack problems as a beginner, to let go of all preconceptions and fear of failure, that is the key to creativity. It is called “Mental Restructuring”

Every creative story is different. And yet every creative story is the same: There was nothing, now there is something. It’s almost like magic.

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Source: “Imagine: How Creativity works” – Jonah Lehrer. Read the complete article here