1. Why don’t  people take their own decisions?

  2. Why are people obliged to consider formality as a means to living?

  3. When we know we have to reach the other side of the bank, why don’y we surpass our fear to start the voyage?

  4. Why is it so disgusting to be lonely when the world seizes to compliment your emotions?

  5. Is it advisable to continue in an environment which totally dis-respects moral equality?

  6. Why is it always difficult to put yourself in another’s shoe?

  7. When you don’t receive adequate chances even after repeated trying in your pursuit to happiness, does it mean we shouldn’t shift focus?

  8. Is disappointment, expectation and anxiety an impediment to an individual’s success?

  9. What is submissive behavioral characteristics of an individual?

  10. Is it comforting to describe about a your emotional quotient knowing that the world doesn’t give a heck?

  11. Is it true? “When you know you are not getting the right opportunity, create one!”

  12. Does prioritizing help in achieving what normally people call happiness?

  13. Are things going to change if you are utilized by people for their personal growth? Are you not going to be a person with similar characteristics a few years down?

  14. Having a lot of supporters and sympathizers in life may be useful but do you not think it is you who has to take the call?

  15. Are friends really like the wind in the ocean, without whom the journey to reach the shore becomes a race against time?