The Human Apathy

She remembers the harsh reality of the day

Of unending miseries and unmatched necessities

As dusk begins its journey, she descends in hope

To boast a toast in the name of the achievables!

She descends down lanes occupied by angry mob

Jungles of huge green structures called shelter

Engineering has an all new definition today

She expects it not to change the day after!

She rattles in vengence; redemption she seeks

Of altered mechanics and egoistic desires

A home she beckoned to live in with care

Now a torturous heaven not so far anywhere!

Need is the mother of all inventions she says

But how far and how wide she may sustain?

The wrath of a senseless; self controlled creature

She unleashes the hidden power of destruction…

She assures of a neighbourhood not much the same

Of heaps and lumps of crushed rock everywhere

A pandora’s box she refuses to let go amidst;

The ruthless and pathetic violence she endures to conquer!!

Factors affecting global warming:

  1. Industrialization: Pollution leading to contamination of environment.
  2. Deforrestation: Reduction in levels of oxygen content.
  3. CFC’s, HFC’s,PFC’s: Depletion of ozone layer.
Source: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre, United Nations

Consequences of global warming:

  1. Radiation: Exposure to UV and other harmful radiation.
  2. Water level: Rise in level of water due to melting of glaciers.
  3. Ecological imbalance: Disruption of life cycle due to pollutants.
  4. Increase in toxicants: Leading to acid rains.

The UNFCCC held the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 to infuse the awareness of rapid global warming and as on date has 195 participating members known as Parties of Convention. It hosts the Conference of Parties (COP), the latest of which COP-17 was held in Durban.

Source: UNFCCC

The BRICS pledge towards a sustainable, green and accountable environment!

Source: IEA

Calulate your carbon reduction by checking this carbon emission calculator by USA’s Environment Protection Agency. Click to CalculateYourImpact

Future posts in this blog shall include more on Global Climate change, sustainabilty, Unilateral to Multilateral agencies, More statistics and simple measures to live in a better and safe environment.

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