It is yet another start to the long awaited week! Monday is certainly not the day most of us like to rejoice and feel proud about or is it really the otherwise? For most of the service clad population of India, monday blues is a common attribute. Atleast I certainly experience such blues on a regular frequency, if you call 4 times a month as regular!! So what is it that people are scared and at the same time so rigidly obscure about daily routine? I tried to find the answer while on my way to the most sacred place on earth on this sunday morning, yes indeed I am speaking about the work place 🙂 if you are still wondering where this sacred place might just be located.

I wake up a good hour before the normal timing as that = weekend. No, this is a sub-conscious phenomenon which needs a bit of research from the scientistz sitting in various reputed Universities all around the globe especially that of USA. The physical act of cleaning up and getting ready neat and tidy is almost a cake walk and need not require much attention to the working senses. About an hour into the most desired work in the morning, I am ready and willing to take on the mission immpossible! Yes without any queries and adjustment. I know that I am beating around the bush but these three thoughts specifically mired while I was working on the most desired work this morning at home.

To become an entrepreneur and to find the meaning of life, it is of utmost importance to substantiate your argument upon;

1. Do something which is a purpose resolutionary.

2. The incubatory idea is of your interest.

3. Patience, resilience, determination and attitude.

I commence the voyage with a bit of determination and a little patience to reach the sacred place on this monday morning! Zoom past a couple of vehicles and I am awe struck. It is not just me who is out with a ton full of determination!! Like the army of ants on a job to complete, folks of individuals are on their trip to address the defined goals . Each trying to be better than the rest. Each wanting to become the ruler of this kingdom. Each of them a reflection of their character and absolute wisdom.

In between the unfolding of this whole saga, an old gentleman, probably a war veteran or a freedom fighter or might even be a casual citizen of democratic India tries to cross the carriage way. No, he knows his rules of traffic good and he waits all the way up untill the red signal to walk along the zebra crossing turns green. As he painstakingly moves to cross the 100 feet carriage way, honks start thundering. Insane people wanting to grab a piece upfront the race to hell. What is wrong with all these people? Do these individuals have a sense called common obligation. I guess all are the masters of their fate. As the old gentleman crossed in horror I was left detached with this crazy breed of maniacs.

I march slowly, steadily towards the sacred place with the thoughts lost along the small narrow alleys of the small town where I was born and grown up by my mother. I wondered then, how manipulative we Indians can be. What kind of quick learner we all garnered in ourself. I would like to get the stats right before talking, however, it is evident that India certainly didn’t have so many vehicles back during the 1990’s and 1980’s. Obviously, the count on no. of drivers would have also been near to that of the vehicles plying on road! How did so many people learn to even draw a line of distinction between the road and the adjacent zooming vehicles within such a short span of time? It is not to do with the process of learning. It is actually something which is inherent in the blood of we Indians, a class of civilization so ambitious and self motivated….

Ohh before concluding, I reached office half hour prior to the prescribed timing!! All because I was getting bugged at home during the weekend! Certainly it is the routine which has scored the home run in my case!!