Quite a memorable week it has been with the highs and lows surrounding the IAC’s (India Against Corruption) allegations involving the big wigs from top political parties. With the latest boomerang of events, the IAC is rather finding it difficult to maintain its stature. It seems so relevant to the Indian psyche that politics has gained an upward significance compared to the normal perception of right and wrong. Just like the ball in a tennis court is volleyed from one end to other, our Indian bureaucrats, political heads and the members of IAC have been playing a long contested game. We the spectators are happy cheering around with bruised collar bone and unethical decision making because of the ‘aam aadmi syndrome’

Every evening I returned home with a presumption to catch the latest headlines followed with nimble switch over to the favorite sports pack. I imagined things to become true some day. The day when I was all alone at home, no wife, no children, no shopping, no movies, no nonsense neighbor stuff; yes that day always remained a sub-standard question. Similar concepts on reality shows, age old sorrowful serials, never ending background beats and repeat frames, the great monks (directors) of the serials because of the adept patience and probity with which they frame the series…ahh simply mind blowing. It never felt to switch the TV at home!

With all due respect, I should credit the Indian political heroes for their brilliance and vengeful characteristics. I can proudly detract my opinion of not switching the TV at home again. It has been a relieving week because of the fact that I was allowed to follow the media relentlessly, even the members of my family were excited  enough to know the true colors of our respected and benevolent leaders. Leaders who have enthralled ‘we’ the spectators all throughout post Independence. The leaders whom the public entity has entrusted with the purpose of providing a solution to their vows. These very own leaders are the happening replacement of a broader entertainment damaal quotient.

All this at what cost although? The miseries of we the common man can neither be heard nor be tracked. But with due diligence all credit and support goes to the resilient and orthodox team of India Against Corruption (IAC).

I wish the end result follows suit upon high morality with uninfluenced decision making by the so called ‘leader’ of our nation. This leaves us by a very intriguing question. Will the ‘K’ series win the battle or is it the ‘K’ against corruption that scores the moral high ground? A answer left to you to decide.