Did you know it! India is a very mean nation and it is among the bottom most nations in the world when it comes to ‘GIVING’ as per an Index of comparison. To know more click here

Certainly I didn’t have this vague idea that there is an measure actually to compute the Giving power of Individuals. And by the term ‘giving’ it is not just monetary. It includes an individual’s most exclusive and important right. I am talking about the ‘time’ factor. Giving, can also be attributed to any sort of substance, item or in general a resource which might be beneficial to the underprivileged in the society. So where exactly we Indians substantiate our self as good  philanthropists or as good social entrepreneurs? Before purchasing a high end sedan does an individual think about the street children for whom survival on two square meals is a battle each day? Does that same individual also think about children who are forced to work at an age not specified under the laws of the government? Might be that a few do think and even contribute towards the betterment of such people. But the statistics indicate a very grave scenario. Most of the NGO’s in India, today face the threat of closure due to lack of funds!

Tim Sebastin’s ‘The Outsider‘ aired on Bloomberg tried to get an bird’s eye view of the situation in India. For the motion, “India is Mean” comprising of Deval Sanghavi and Luis Miranda. Against the motion consisting of Ronnie Screwvala and Ganesh Natarajan. Click here to read more info on the panelists.

You can just click the utube stream below to watch the entire episode or watch it on utube here

Half way through the show there is an relentless argument by the team against the motion., the point in contradiction is ‘intent’ of the people. Intent about what I imagine. Intent about making more money, about harassing more downtrodden people, about beating the bush each time the mighty are in dock for their sinful deeds, about suppressing ‘we’ the common people on the basis of power? Intent in what I ask again. Conclusive opinion to be observed by the only fact that India is a nation where the Rich become richer, every second. Are you still wondering what happened to the poor? Keep wondering, because the common man (I) has become more concerned of becoming richer even though it is just an illusion.

Where do we draw the line then? Who is more accountable? We the citizens (common man) or the High Net Worth Individuals (HNI’s)? Difficult to answer being in a fast paced world. A world where values, morals, principles and dignity are just a camouflage.

Watch the show to ascertain upon the important thoughts of the audience in the show. The numbers at the end of the show as much reveal the mindset of we (Indians) and the course upon which the voyage proceeds.

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