How often have you come across children unwilling to be separated from parents even momentarily? Children who are so inclined towards being in the comfort of parents. The predicament is that these children are innocent and too lazy to come out of the attachment syndrome. Kids shall remain kids for parents 🙂

It might have been four years since her birth. She wears a pink three fourth denim with an half sleeve red top. She incidently has a pony tail tied with red rubber, something to go along with the top I guess :). She is accompanied by her mom who wears this orange salvar with a green kameez, heavy flashy red lipstick, RayBan glasses hanging overhead and silver nail polish assuming, that of revlon. Our barbie girl is carrying an maroon baby dog doll with black nose and light brown eye. The barbie girl is also wearing an pink and blue stripped socks over the amazingly small toddler shoes. She too has the silver nail polish colored on both the finger nails. Her mother in one hand is carrying a tiny backpack fitted with waterbottle and in the other a BB cell phone.

Our Barbie is all tears and cant stop crying. She turns her head towards the deaf audience. In hope that someone will talk sense to her mother. To tell her mom that she must be at home playing with her dolls, rejoicing, making noise, screaming, jumping, dancing. To her dismay, the audience’s apathy leaves hes disheartened 😦 She cries louder, tears gush like an unending flow of molten lava erupting out of the volcano. She cannot resist the pressure within. She vents it out silently in solidarity and in sensibility.

DejaVu. DejaVu.

I couldn’t stop thinking of a similar circumstance being a child myself. I was a mamma’s boy. I wouldn’t let her go off the radar for even a minute. I know the initial few days of school were horrific for me as much as that for ma 🙂 She would wake up early, finish up with daily chores and off to school just as a kid. She would sit at the school along with a few other unfortunate parents whose children were no less a menace 🙂 Relentless in providing a better education, neighborhood and an equally comfortable society to live in. She interacted with me every hour. Assuring me of security and love by spending time outside the classroom so patiently, calm, composed. I wouldn’t stop to cry unless it was the break between classes. The teachers whom I met few years later mocked me with ruthless precision 😉 Time went out of breaks and soon I would find myself in similar situation. Lost, alone and vulnerable to the mischiefs of the society.

Eventhough a few months after the memorable ordeal of first attending school, I became accustomed to this ‘society’. Had cool friends to hang out with, had a wonderful sister to drop me at school and more importantly I was getting exposed to the trends of the world just as a chrysalis opens it eye to the world. I should confide that my childhood has been more memorable than just being normal 🙂 Guys you’ll have to talk to my mom to know about the beautiful missions I have accomplished at school.

You know why I didn’t cry during those breaks when at school?

Because I used to get nice crunchy biscuits which mamma packed along to school. Just in case if I messed with teachers and other mates 🙂 🙂

Our Barbie Babe is now quite, senseful and semi-energetic. Her mother gives her this choco lollipop!