Ria was born in a small and orthodox town called Dharwad in North Karnataka. A town well known for its rich culture, renowned artists, hindustani music, beautiful landscape, the famous pedha and undoubtedly the educational temple for more than 11 million population aggregated in the 4 districts surrounding it. She belongs to the Lingayat caste of Hindu community. A caste who are the followers of Lord Basavanna. A family popular in the field of agriculture has witnessed a rebel in her father who has broken the chain of forefathers occupation. He serves in a reputed construction company attributable to fact that he is a Civil Engineer. Ria’s mother is a homemaker, devoted to the upgringing of her family. Incidently Ria’s mother is also pious and spends most of her leisure time indulging in devotional activities. In addition to this tight knit family, there is one more member. Rikesh is the younger brother of Ria.

Early in her childhood, Ria was known for her athletic contributions in school. She laid a strong foundation in track events and had even brought laurels to the school for three successive years. Ria also had great artistic talent. She was interested in dance, music and was always visible performing an act or two in the annual day extravaganza. She had a large fanfare following although her companions were quite few in numbers. Weighing around 52 kg, with an almost unmeasurable height of 155 cms, Ria was hard to recognize when among the taller male counterparts. It is most unlikely that one individual is so extraordinarily talented, excelling in every field. Ria always topped her class in curriculum and very rarely did she drop down at the second and third podium position. Ria’s close friends included Sarah, Tanu, Smitha, Nidhi. They even had this super five status in school! Always together, they at times were involved in cat fight at the epicentre of good looking rascals having a fling at them 🙂

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Ria: I am not talking nonsense Preetam. I have definite information of you being a hitman! (Just in case if you do not know who an Hitman is: A person who executes illegal activities for a fixed price or reward)

Preetam: I’ve got to go now. Got to attend classes Ria. Whatever it is. I am not the person who might be encouraging enough towards your cause/purpose of call.

Ria: Wait, wait. When will you be available to talk? I do not intend to persuade you into any wrong doing. Please do not think of me otherwise. I was just trying to be honest with you besides being desperate!

Preetam: Whatever..

Ria: Preetam I shall call later again. I am disconneting now as I have to prepare for the exam. Bye, bye.

Preetam: Wow, what was that! She must be one hell of a girl to ask me upfront for a question paper! Should better be cautious dealing with her. Amit, do you know whether Shruti is attending college today? Haven’t come across her. I was wondering when she might accept my sincere love. It has been like for a fortnight since I made my intentions clear. Man she has attitude. The other day when I approached her, she made an annoying face and before I could catch her, alas escape! Do you think she is not into all these things Amit?

Amit: I saw her leave the library this morning dear. She was wearing this beautiful white top over the black jeans. And what a coincidence, even you are wearing an black jeans today 🙂 (grins) I am very positively beginning to feel that there is something common between you guys. The other day as well. While we were having lunch at the canteen, I could see her commenting about you to her friend. I didn’t want to upset your otherwise sour mindset. And correct me if I am deviating, you must have observed that she is always smiling whenever you guys cross swords near canteen. What does this mean mate? Certainly you’ve got the fish! Now, cheer up and lets take a round of the college. It is time for bird watching 🙂

Preetam: Yeah we’ll make a move then. Even Lord Indra seems to have bestowed his mercy on thee. I am quite sure we will have a ball tonight. Especially considering the fact that we have Mr. Beam waiting for our company. What more can you expect on a gloomy day like this. Common lets hit the road, lets burn some rubber!

Ria has loads of calculation to make in so less time. She must go throught differential equations, calculus, integration, differentiation, statistics, probability…. She can only imagine a miracle to save her from discontinuing education. She opens the note book. One which she has been carrying along for the past one year to the coaching centre. It is 200 page notebook of make classmate and consists two whole informatory pages of things which might possibly be irrelevant to Ria. In the front page she has her name printed in bold letters using three colors. Blue, black and red. She even has made floral patterns along the edge to give it a more retro look. Ria flips a couple of pages finding nothing of interest. She then turns to the section where all the important formulas have been carefully uploaded. She tries recalling a few of those but in vain. Ria curses her memory and blames her mother for not having to be fed the seven seas memory enhancers! She imagines to get lost in the flying sets of numbers. A lost traveller in the middle of nowhere. She turns her attention to the last page. Tears, anxiety, remorse, smiles.

Immaculately written are the words ALBERT.