We met for the first time
It was an cold summer evening
Aftermath of a pleasant storm.

I was drenched to the toe from top
Occasional shivers in my heart
I still remember the first time we met.

I could hear her smile in her eyes
A glimer of fresh thoughts in her voice
She looked me in the eye for eternity.

She embraced her feeling in cotton
Like the chrysallis wound in cocoon
Silent whispers of a story untold.

She begs, she cries, she suffers
Yet in dismay she is unheard
She will always remember when we first met.

I asked her why she craves for care
What is it that makes you so unfair
Is it the lack of love or loss of luxury?

She had this twinkle in her eyes
Sparkling like a glittery star above
She smiled and said none, we shall always remember the first time we met!