“Life is an experience, keep smiling always”

Exerpts of the Guest Blog ‘Never Mind’

If someone asks about yourself, don’t have a chip on your shoulder, your experiences are something to cherish and rejoice upon. I am unique, you are unique and so is everyone. Never mind to give a reply, answer yourself, life is a journey. Streamline the thoughts you encourage, which shall take you towards the desired mission.

The Whitescape has given me this opportunity to play the host on the blog ‘The Whitescape’

Brief About ‘The Whitescape’

“Thewhitescape is a passionate writer turned professional. She is an editor, with extensive experience across areas of journalism. She loves movies, Alert in mind, Hate grammatical errors, Chinese food-lover. Designer wear crazy. Champion-texter. Her dream is to give away autographed copies of her authored books to her fans. Her blog currently is hosting a literary contest and also seeking creative talents to be a part of her blog as contributory writers. Interested can please visit her blog now’

The link to the complete Guest Post ‘Never Mind’ or Click the link below.



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