The theme for the 3rd edition of the ‘110 Creative Challenge’ @ The Whitescape is Murder

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I shall never groan


Lost count of changing color

Day and night, sober and bright!

Of midnight shiver, un-contrived

And midday surprise, unresolved.



A piece of bread, a desire

A place to sleep, a luxury

A name to identify, a debate

A shoulder to weep, a miracle!



Just a word, taboo to think

Never known or dreamt upon

In a space striving to survive

Irony, misfortune not a murder anymore!!



I am a human being, just as all of us.

And as you aspire to a better tomorrow, even I wish to.

Only that your tomorrow has lot of ‘We’

Mine has a lot ‘Me’ – The Orphan Child of Irony, Misfortune.


I am like a bird!
I am like a bird! Prasanna Babli Photography


“This post is written for the 110 Creative Challenge Contest, hosted by Thewhitescape