Dear reader, please be informed that we are heading into an unscheduled maintenance which may last a while.

The kind of feelings crisscrossing my fragile heart is making me nervous. This is familiar, but my objection with the current situation is all about the unending recurrence of such instances. The problem is evidently with myself. Seemingly, I have not aligned myself with existential goals.

I shouldn’t be dependent on anyone about anything. I have always been a single player in this game called life, where my skills diminish consistently when in multi-player mode. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful life and I don’t want to spoil it because of my relentless effort to achieve that which is intangible. It would have been justifiable if liberation meant anything. No, it isn’t what I am interested in, not on this particular day. My feelings are disturbed because of one factor.

Frequency mismatch.

This has happened more often than not in my life, but the wavelength has ever gotten wider rather than becoming shorter each occurrence. Every person in this universe is somehow selfish by nature. Be it the money one seeks to attain, or the power of being superior in any trade amongst the set of rest. I am starting to believe that there is no end to human misfortune. The greatest being in the creation of life itself. By biological nature, life is survival of fittest. Yes, it is all about survival tactics indeed. We can survive a storm, or an air crash, or even a fatal accident. How does one survive life?


Each day, we take bigger leaps of compromise in our lives. My shout-out to the odd enthusiastic individuals, who have breached such a wall.

What has happened cannot be reversed. I have a golden opportunity to make it past this wall of compromise, to make it past the phase of being in constant denial about surviving. What will I do? What can I do?

Bless me. Time has never been a good friend of mine. I have been resurrected yet again. I wish this shall be well utilized. Beyond words, beyond social wisdom. That is me.