There are plenty of reasons for one to live, let alone the compulsion to breathe, irrespective of our choices.

The tides of time are unexplained. It keeps ticking, tick tock; tick tock, tick tock. Yet, with every day passed and another added grey hair, life in all it’s simplicity continues to make it so complex. In solitude, I take long pauses of silence. It’s like switching off the engine in my head. To my surprise, the harder I try to switch off, faster it gets in terms of letting the thoughts wonder.

I have heard people mature at different ages in their lives. However, maturity is rather perspective for the ageing self. With growing experience and more time spent in this life, the definition of maturity keeps changing. I am not against evolution of human, but it makes me go bonkers when it hurts to see that every individual is different when it comes to being ‘decision maker’ in their own lives. I mean, when I was a child, I still took decisions, but they were greatly influenced and supervised by my parents or elders.

And, the tides of time turn so quickly. We don’t even realize that the decisions we take in the present, has unimaginable magnitude of effect on the future.

I had been waiting for long to write what I am writing today. But, this is how it comes out of my mind today.

It’s been nearly two years since I lost a very close friend of mine. The battle rages on. We realize the importance of someone, when really there is nothing to hold on to.

Be good to everyone. Be true to yourself.