Do you remember our first meet

Such splendid was the sensation

Instantaneously I knew it was you;

The enigmatic smile and the flaunting hair

A pair of pearls in those eyes

So passionate yet so innocent!

Taken aback by the gratitude

Spellbound by the curvature of nose

Tradiditional nose ring I concentrate upon;

Pondering upon a voice so coherent to heart

Momentary eruption of feeling with kissing eyelashes

So much indulged I was in you!

Unbearable pain in the pierced ear of yours

Skillful display of beauty in the brief encounter

Watching in wonder the slender neckline;

Another heart was about to be inflated

With the feeling of love, compassion and irresistivity

Time around seemed to freeze in a instant!

Life seized to exist as it is in childhood

Sweet quarrels and mischiefs unforgiven

Impatient waiting for a moment of joy;

All that I dreamt meant you and only you

For it was a period of harmony and happiness

Shallow was the engagement and so was its destiny!

And for now that we are apart

A deathly valley flows through us

I lay back in silent distress;

For gone with the wind are the days of solitude

A walk to remember and sweet november in memory

As sleepless in Seattle, sleepless in Sambalpur!